Locomotor apparatus

Treatment of locomotor disorders is a key focus of “Kazakhstan” sanatorium. In our health resort, you may receive treatment for spine disorders, as well as bone, muscle, tendon, ligament and joint problems affecting human entire locomotor system preventing them from living a productive life.

Kazakhstan Sanatorium provides the following treatments:

• Consultation by nutritionist of superior expert category, medical psychologist and physio specialist;
• Before a proper treatment plan is developed, the patient shall undergo diagnostic procedures including laboratory and instrumental investigations.
• Common blood count (chemistry and clinical);
The test results will be interpreted by laboratory doctor of superior expert category.

Instrumental methods include:

• Electrocardiography and the interpretation of the results;
• Musculoskeletal US.

Treatment of locomotor system implies a multi-faceted approach and it is based on the use of natural factors:

• Drinking of mineral waters including: “Yessentuki no. 4” and “Yessentuki no. 17”, “Yessentuki -Novel”.
• Sulfurous-carbonated water baths and other therapeutic baths.
• Hydropathic procedures.
• Physiotherapy using recent physio technologies including magnet, laser, electric and ultrasound therapies.
• Intestinal procedures including bowel lavage and microedemas.
• Magnitoturbotron.
• Gingival irrigation.
• Therapeutic diet.