Coronavirus Prevention

In order to prevent the spread of coronavirus disease, the following measures are being taken in the Kazakhstan Sanatorium:

At the initial reception of vacationers, we carry out a thorough collection of epidemiological history and also conduct explanatory work to prevent the spread of any kinds of viral infections, including coronavirus.

Before we start settling holidaymakers, our specialists carefully asepticize all surfaces across the sanatorium.

Public bathrooms and toilets are also thoroughly cleaned with disinfectants at least 6 times a day.

A number of dispensers filled with disinfectant liquid can also be found around the sanatorium territory.

We have also ensured the broadcast of video footage on the topic of coronavirus prevention in different places like the bedroom block and the medical and diagnostic department of our sanatorium.

Also, posters showing visual materials on the prevention and symptoms of coronavirus infection can be found on the sanatorium information panels and advertising desks.