Course Treatment in the Kazakhstan Sanatorium

The Kazakhstan Sanatorium invites residents and guests of the city of Yessentuki to undergo a course of treatment at our Sanatorium. If you wish to purchase a set of procedures and for any reason you do not need to live in the Sanatorium, then the voucher for treatment is the best option for you.

We provide three types of vouchers for treatment:

Standard Voucher

This voucher provides for a standard volume of health resort treatment aimed at extending the period of remission of chronic diseases, general health improvement, increasing the body’s resistance, reducing morbidity. The cost of the voucher includes treatment and meals at the Sanatorium. Learn more

Health Voucher

This voucher includes a standard volume of health resort treatment without meals. Learn more

Wellness Voucher

This voucher includes an initial doctor’s consultation, swimming in the pool, exercise in the therapeutic exercise hall, as well as the use of the Sanatorium’s territory and meals in the common dining room or the Lux room. Learn more

It is very easy to buy a voucher for treatment! You need to come to the Sanatorium and contact the reception.

The Kazakhstan Sanatorium is the best choice for undergoing course treatment, because we have:

no queues, all procedures are time-bound

the latest professional equipment

the best experienced doctors

our own diagnostic base – laboratory, ultrasound, ECG and other examinations

comfortable conditions – all procedures are carried out in one building with modern renovation, air conditioning, phyto-bar.

For advice and purchase of vouchers, please call:

Advice on medical affairs +7 879 34 48 510

Purchase of vouchers +7 928 308 24 51, +7 879 34 48 506