Bischofite baths

Bischofite baths are one of the hydroprocedures that you can undergo in the treatment and diagnostic department of the Kazakhstan sanatorium. It is based on the use of a mineral called bischofite.
Bischofite is a natural mineral which consists of a chloride-sodium-magnesium complex and also contains bromine, iodine, iron and other elements. Due to its rich composition, bischofite nourishes the skin with useful substances, tones metabolic processes in the body, has a calming effect, fights insomnia, increases the level of general immunity and vitality.
Baths with bischofite perfectly tonify the body, relieve swelling and pain, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system and strengthen the immune system. Among other things, they help to cope with infections and help to reduce the amount of subcutaneous fat.
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