Crystal Drops promotion

Dear friends, we would like to remind you of our wonderful promotion.
In winter, along with the attractive cost of a voucher, the Crystal Drops promotion is also available in the sanatorium. As part of the promotion, you get a 10 % discount.
See for yourself that rest in the sanatorium Kazakhstan in winter is as good as in summer!
Crystal Drops promotion terms:
For bookings made from December 16, 2019, a 10% discount is applied for arrivals between January 8 and March 10, 2020 inclusive of all room categories and all types of vouchers except the Health Resort voucher.
Under any other promotions and special offers, the discounts cannot be summed up unless otherwise stated in the terms of the promotion.
The discount applies to both individuals and legal entities, including with which the sanatorium has a contractual relationship based on the payment of a commission. Arrivals within the Crystal Drops promotion will be taken into account during subsequent arrivals in order to receive a discount on the Frequent Guest promotion.
The discount on the promotion extends to accommodation of Guests in additional places (for adults and children).
The sanatorium reserves the right to suspend the Crystal Drops promotion at any time.