1. The policies and rules for the Guest’s stay in the Sanatorium are established by the Sanatorium. Guests is to be familiarized themselves with and observe the accommodation policies.
2. The priority right to stay in the Sanatorium is given to the persons with a confirmed room reservation. All others are accommodated on a first-come.
3. When staying at the Sanatorium, the Guest receives a Guest Card along with the room key. The Guest Card must be presented at the entrance to the Sanatorium. If you lose your guest card or key, you must inform the reception immediately.
4. When accommodated in the Sanatorium on sanatorium-and-health-resort vouchers the Guests, in addition to an identity document, must have:
• sanatorium-and-health-resort card, exchange voucher or agency voucher (when booking a trip via travel agencies), power of attorney from the organization (when booking a trip via an intermediary), copies of payment orders marked by the bank as executed (for bank transfer); payment orders marked by the bank as executed (for bank transfer);
• compulsory or voluntary medical insurance policy (for residents of the Russian Federation);
• for children under 14 years of age inclusive – birth certificate, sanatorium-and-health-resort card, certificate of absence of contact with people having infectious diseases.
5. When checking in a Guest who purchases a health resort voucher in cash, the Sanatorium draws up and issues to the Guest a receipt for the provision of services, a sales slip or cash receipt warrant.
6. Payment for accommodation services in the sanatorium is made according to the price list approved by the Director. Accommodation fees are based on the room category and services provided to the Guest. Payment for accommodation and additional services is made in Russian rubles in cash or by bank transfer.
7. The cost of the off-season voucher is calculated according to the initial term of the service, which is valid for the whole period of the stay, i.e. according to the date of arrival indicated in the voucher at the price valid on the date of arrival.
8. In case of late arrival to the Sanatorium by reservation, no credit for late hours and no refund for late hours will be given.
9. In case of violation of the check-in time by reservation, the Sanatorium does not guarantee the accommodation of the Guest in the specified category of rooms, and the guests are settled in the vacant rooms if there are any available. Check-out time: Check-in time at the Sanatorium is 08:00 local time (breakfast is the first service), check-out time until 08:00 local time the next day of the end of the voucher (last service is dinner on the day of the voucher end). The sanatorium reserves the right to prepare the room after the departure of the previous vacationer within 1 hour. In case of early check-in or delayed check-out, an hourly pay will be charged according to the approved service price list.
10. Information on room rates and additional services can be found in the information folder at the reception and accommodation desk and on the official website of the Sanatorium.
11. Visiting guests is allowed by persons invited by them from 7 am to 11 pm local time. At the same time, it is obligatory to show the security service a document proving the proof of identity of the invited person.
In the absence of an identity document, a visitor entry to the territory of the Sanatorium is not allowed. If the rules are not observed, their stay in the Sanatorium may be limited in time or terminated.
12. In case of a visitor’s delay in the guest’s room after 11 pm or if a registered guest shows in an unauthorized person to the sanatorium at night (from 11 pm to 8 am), these persons must be registered for accommodation in the guest’s room. Such accommodation is charged according to the approved price list of the Sanatorium.
13. When checking out of the Sanatorium: on the day of departure, the Guest should receive from the administrator a voucher tear-off receipt, an act of work completed upon request, as well as notify the Room Service no later than 30 minutes before departure, hand in the room, return the key.
14. In case of early departure of the vacationer for a valid reason confirmed by documents (serious illness, death of close relatives, call for work, transport circumstances), the money for the unused days is returned in full.
15. In case of early departure of the vacationer without a valid excuse, due to the termination of the stay due to the violation of the rules of stay in the Sanatorium, refunds for unused days of rest, for paid accommodation, meals are not made.
16. If you wish to extend your stay, you must inform the reception desk no later than the day before the check out time – 8 am local time. Extension of the stay in the same room is possible only if there is no confirmed reservation for it in favor of third parties.
17. Change of bed linen is made once in two days. Towels are changed daily or as being dirty, if you want a towel to be changed, leave it on the floor.
18. In the Kazakhstan sanatorium it is possible to stay for vacation with children over 4 years of age.
19. The sanatorium provides the guest with services for a fee at his request in accordance with the list and register of prices for services.
20. The guest is to observe:
• the established polices of residence in the Sanatorium, respect quiet, cleanliness, and public order;
• fire safety rules,
• when leaving the room, close the water taps at the end of use, close windows, turn off lights, television.
21. Be polite! Dear guests, in order not to cause inconvenience to other vacationers, we ask you to keep silence after 11 pm, turn down the volume of TV sets, recorders and radios until 7 am, not to use sound and lighting effects, pyrotechnics in places of rest and accommodation.
22. To store money and valuables, use the individual in-room safe deposit boxes.
23. Guests are prohibited from:
• storing combustible and flammable materials, drugs, weapons in the room;
• smoking in the room;
• keeping animals in the room;
• change the interiors of the room without the permission of the administration of the Sanatorium;
• to leave unattended electric heaters plugged into the sockets, use electric heaters without trivets made of non-combustible materials;
• to make fires, arrange picnic and entertainment areas outside the territories and premises determined by the administration, to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
24. In accordance with the Federal Law of February 23, 2013 N 15-ФЗ “On Protecting the Health of Citizens from the Effects of Second Hand Tobacco Smoke and the Consequences of Tobacco Consumption”, smoking of tobacco products is prohibited in the rooms of the sanatorium. In case of violation of the requirements regarding smoking, the sanatorium, in accordance with paragraphs 33 and 43 of the Rules for the provision of hotel services in the Russian Federation dated October 9, 2015 No. 1085, is entitled to unilaterally claim compensation in the amount of payment for daily accommodation in the room.
Tobacco products are smoked in designated areas.
25. The administration is not responsible for any loss of guest’s valuable things left in the room.
26. We remind you that in case of any loss or damage to the property of the Sanatorium, the damage is compensated in accordance with the price list of property damage and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.
27. The Sanatorium administration reserves the right to visit the room without the guest’s consent in case of smoke, fire, flooding, as well as when the guest violates these Rules of Stay, public order and the procedure for using household appliances.
28. The administration of the Sanatorium has the right to terminate the contract for the provision of services unilaterally or refuse to extend the term of stay in case of guest’s violation of the polices of accommodation, late payment for the services of the Sanatorium, causing material damage to the Sanatorium.
29. In case of the absence of a guest at the place of accommodation without warning for more than 2 days (or 6 hours from the time of his checkout), the Sanatorium administration has the right to create a commission and make an inventory of the property in the room. Tangible assets in the form of cash, precious metals, valuable documents, the administration takes under its responsibility. Other property is in Reception and Accommodation service.
30. In the event of complaints from the consumer, the administration shall take all possible measures to resolve the conflict as provided for by the current Russian Federation legislation.
31. The Guest of the Sanatorium takes note of and does not object to the use of video surveillance systems in the premises of the Sanatorium (except for private rooms of guests and toilets).
32. Driving personal vehicles of the Guests on the territory of the Sanatorium is prohibited. When moving to the parking lot, the speed of movement should not exceed 5 km/h. Guests are required to register their personal vehicle if they are using the parking lot.
33. The sanatorium provides services of health resort assistance.
34. It is forbidden to pollute the territory of the Sanatorium. There are trash bins for garbage collection.
35. It is possible to hold conferences, seminars in the Sanatorium. For more information, please contact the voucher sales and booking department.
36. The guest book is available in the Customer Reception and Accommodation Service and is handed over upon request of the Guest. Claims and complaints are considered by the administration immediately.
37. The sanatorium is not responsible for the operation of city services and public utilities (emergency, planned and unscheduled shutdown of electricity and heat, as well as water supply).
38. In cases not stipulated by these rules, the administration and the consumer are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.