Блог руководителя

Блог руководителя

Director of Astana LLC
Yeltay Askarovich Askarov
It gives me great pleasure to welcome you in the city of Yessentuki, known for its excellent medical and health opportunities and sincerely thank you for choosing the Kazakhstan Sanatorium!

We have created a number of conditions for better treatment and rest. The main thing in our work is the positive reviews of vacationers. We hope that you will fully appreciate the individual approach and service oriented towards a comprehensive solution for your needs.

We listen to all our wishes and are always ready for new improvements. The Sanatorium is on the way of consistent, dynamic development, high and quality level of service for vacationers, as well as professional operation of the latest equipment, ensuring effective treatment.

The Kazakhstan Sanatorium is a powerful treatment and diagnostic complex equipped with the most advanced foreign medical equipment and has all the necessary treatment and diagnostic capabilities that allow to conduct diagnostics and treatment in accordance with international standards. Your health is taken care of by highly qualified medical personnel.

Our health resort is your health, and we tell you: WELCOME!