Frequent guest

For regular customers purchasing vouchers directly for the nominal price of the sanatorium, in cash or by bank transfer, for the rooms of different categories for the second time and subsequent ones, discount of 5 % is made, for the tenth and subsequent ones, the discount is 10%.

The discount is given to individuals who have booked a room on the official website of the sanatorium or directly in the Reservations department of the Kazakhstan sanatorium, including if previous arrivals were made through travel agencies that are partners of the Sanatorium.

The discount on the Frequent Guest program extends to accommodation in additional places.

The Frequent Guest program does not apply to other special offers and promotions conducted by the Sanatorium.


For travel agencies and other legal entities with which the Kazakhstan sanatorium has contractual relations based on commission fee payment (including agency agreement, commission agent agreement, agreement concluded with legal entities at special prices), a discount under the Frequent Guest program is not provided.

The terms and conditions of the Frequent Guest program and the rate of discounts are subject to change.

All information about changes is posted on the official website of the Sanatorium.

The Sanatorium reserves the right to suspend the Frequent Guest program at any time.