Welcome to the Kazakhstan Sanatorium!
Rest and recreation in the Kazakhstan Sanatorium is a combination of a high level of accommodation, services and modern medical treatment methods at the resorts of Caucasian Mineral Waters.
The health resort is located in the center of Yessentuki, the largest and most popular balneological and mud-cure resort in Russia which is the part of the Caucasian Mineral Waters group.
The world-famous drinking sodium chloride-hydrocarbonate waters are of leading importance among the therapeutic factors of the resort. These are Yessentuki-4, Yessentuki-17 and Yessentuki-New.
The sulfide-silt muds of the Lake Tambukan have no less significant curative factor. The mud of this lake is highly mineralized, highly sulfide. In their composition, they are close to the mud of the Dead Sea, but surpass them in the content of organic substances.
The Kazakhstan Sanatorium is located on an area of 7.7 hectares, and can simultaneously accommodate 186 vacationers. The five-storey bedroom block of the sanatorium is connected by warm passages with a medical-diagnostic complex. The medical and bedroom blocks are surrounded by a park with a fountain, pergolas and terrain cure trails.
The pleasing interiors of the rooms and halls of the sanatorium, the landscaped area, the silence of the resort town create the necessary conditions for treatment and relaxation.
• Hairdressing saloon
• Lobby bar
• Children’s room
• Cosmetologist’s services
• Laundry
• Wake-up service
• Payment by card
• Taxi ordering
• Transfer
• Parking lot under security surveillance
• Tour desk
• Sports equipment rent
• Bike hire
The safety of the guests’ stay is ensured by 24-hour security service, video surveillance system, fire alarm and warning system, as well as 24-hour operation of a medical post.
There are 111 comfortable rooms for our guests of different categories, which are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.
Rooms categories:
Single rooms of the 1st category
Two-room suite
Three-room suite
Four-room suite
Presidential suite

The balconies of the rooms offer a wonderful view of the picturesque landscape of the Sanatorium
Room facilities:
• WI-FI Cable TV
• Telephone
• General air-conditioning system
• Fridge
• Electric kettle
• Safe deposit box
• Hairdryer
• Slippers
• Bathrobe
• Mini toiletries set

The personalized nature of treatment is the main difference between our medical and health resort services. We offer effective rehabilitation and medical-recreational programs that fully take into account the specifics of the disease and medical indications of each patient. Health resort treatment is carried out with the use of natural, climatic and other therapeutic factors in various profiles, including diseases among the following: digestion, metabolism, circulatory system, nervous, musculoskeletal and genitourinary systems, respiratory organs, eating disorders, and others.
Equipping with modern foreign medical equipment of expert class allows to conduct diagnostics and treatment in accordance with international standards. The health of vacationers is taken care of by highly qualified medical personnel.
In the sanatorium, the following specialists are receiving:
• general practitioner
• endocrinologist
• gastroenterologist
• obstetrician-gynecologist
• urologist
• neurologist
• cardiologist
• physiotherapist
• pulmonologist
• medical psychologist
• ultrasonic diagnostic physician
• endoscopist
• pediatrician
• ENT specialist
• functional diagnostics physician
• lab technician
• dentist
• hirudotherapist
• nutritionist
• therapeutic exercise coach.
The quality of medical services is constantly being improved and it is planned to develop new methods of health and resort treatment.

Applied treatment methods:
• physiotherapy (general and local)
• balneotherapy
• mud therapy
• hirudotherapy
• intestinal procedures
• halotherapy
• ozone therapy
• inhalation therapy
• hydropathy
• remedial gymnastics
• vaginal and urological lavages
• lavage of the head, face, gums
• classic massage
• psychotherapy
• naturotherapy
At the sanatorium it is possible to receive medical examination:
• laboratory tests: clinical, biochemical, enzymoimmunoassay diagnostics
• ultrasonic diagnostics of all organs and systems
• cardiodiagnostics (ECG, Holter monitoring, arterial and vein dopplerography of the limbs)
• endoscopic examinations (rectoromanoscopy, esophagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, sigmoidoscopy)
• medical consultations
The beneficial climatic conditions and amazing natural resources of the area provide a combination of optimal factors for treatment and strengthening of the general condition of the body. As a rule, this city is defined as a place for spending your vacation for those who are not indifferent to their health, who would like to be cured of existing diseases and ensure their comprehensive prevention.

Food & Drink:
Maintaining health through proper nutrition is one of the main points in health resort treatment. Three meals a day in the sanatorium’s dining room is available to choose from in the a la carte format which allows us to find an individual approach to each guest. The menu makes maximum use of seasonal fruits and vegetables.
The Sanatorium has developed a vegetarian menu offered by a nutritionist in nutritional-dependent conditions (diabetes mellitus of the second type, obesity of 4 degrees, hypotrophy of 1st degree, metabolic disorders, hypercholesterolemia).
Qualified chefs are at the guests’ service. All dishes prepared by their hands are not only always tasty, but also healthy.
Sports and leisure
For those who are used to like outdoor activities and sports, there is a sports hall with fitness equipment, summer sports grounds for volleyball, basketball, handball, badminton, mini-football, tennis court, as well as a magnificent indoor pool which occupies a separate building of round shape, stylized as a Kazakh yurt. The diameter of the pool is 22.5 meters, it has a hydromassage unit, cascading shower, rising massage shower. Special equipment allows people with disabilities to enter the pool.
In addition to relaxing in Yessentuki, we offer interesting and informative excursions to the famous natural sights of the North Caucasus which are distinguished by their extraordinary beauty and rightfully claim to be among the seven wonders of Russia.